Monday, July 27, 2015

The Air Force OSA OTA RFP closes on August 10th

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Information Directorate (RI) - AFRL/RI, on behalf of the Undersecretary of the Air Force for Acquisition's Office of Transformational Innovation (SAF/AQTI), released a presolicitation notice to describe the Government's interest in establishing a Section 845 Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), with an eligible entity or group of entities (Other Transaction Lead organization), to include industry, academic, non-profit, and not-for-profit partners, for research and development efforts to support AFRL/RI and customer requirements as related to information systems. 

The Open System Acquisition Initiative (OSAI) - formerly called PlugFest Plus - is part of the Secretary of the Air Force's Bending the Cost Curve Initiative. The Government anticipates establishing an OTA with a new or existing consortium that has significant non-traditional contractor participants. 

The goal of this consortium community is to research, develop, test, measure, demonstrate, integrate, and deliver tools for the Air Force using "open-systems" based Command, Control, Communications, and Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C4ISR) information sharing Information Systems (IS).  These systems include: Distributed Common Ground Station (DCGS); Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS); Air Operations Center-Weapon System (AOC); Open Mission System (OMS); SecureView; Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) Guard; Cybersecurity environments; Web Temporal Analysis System (WebTAS); Combined Information Data Network Exchange (CIDNE); Collaboration Gateway (CG) and other systems to be determined by the Government. 

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