Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Collaboration within PlugFest Community

The Continuous Transformation Environment (CTE) Gov enclave is a secure environment currently providing demonstrations, experimentation and support.

According to Thomas W. Preston, Chairman, CTE Center for Research and Research Professor, GMU, "We are here to assist when you need the environment. "Secure Net" within our unclassified environment, aligned with ICITE,  houses the necessary framework , links, nodes and platforms to test, verify and simulate operationally relevant capabilities needed to fill the gaps and understand where/how those solutions would fit (or not) in a Joint Information Environment (JIE) for distributed solutions to the war fighter."

CTE includes a scif'd environment as well,  which is ready to review and adapt successful capabilities with those relevant solutions relative to necessary MLS  environment and are supported by the Intelligence Community and DoD.  

Efforts are continuing across the PlugFest Community for collaborative research and verification with Industry, Government and Academia.

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