Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Using Your Customers, Customers as a Critical Metric

San Diego, CA Jun 15, 2015:
At the San Diego Startup Week,  Evan Malter, founder of ZipCap spoke about making a difference with a new metric for business loans.

Evan Malter speaks about the measure of business risk.

ZipCap uses customer loyalty  as the primary measure for financial credit-worthiness. Customers increase opportunities for business loans simply by saying, "I'll be back," with no other obligations.

According to ZipCap,  
"ZipCap was founded on a mission to support local Mom & Pops and is being built by a team of passionate localists who know that we can make a difference. We love local businesses and the people behind them. We love what these businesses mean for our towns, for our economies and for the way people feel and interact in our world. We know we are not alone."
Successful PlugFests are built on a foundation of Agile Verification and Validation, in other words measuring the right things and ensuring that those measurement are directly connected to desired customer outcomes.

What lessons does ZipCap hold for agile government systems acquisition? There are creative ways to use customers of customers as sources for metrics.

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About Eric Westreich:     

        Co-founder and industry lead of the PlugFest Consortium, over 300 volunteers from government, industry, and academia working on the same problem, at the same time, together to deliver good government system fast.
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